Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Keurig Rivo Cappuccino & Lattes

Thanks to House Party, I am going to get to have a Keurig Rivo House Party!  Woo Hoo! This little machine is totally awesome and makes becoming a barista at home easy. I can't wait to take this thing for a test run. Let's take a look at this machine!

Notice the large water reservoir. Lots of good coffee are going to come out of this baby. The beautiful clear cup on the right is the frothing cup. It steams and froths your milk to perfection. In 90 seconds you have the perfect steamed/frothed milk.

This is the boxes my lovely machine came in. The top box is extra goodies for my party. There were some cookies, nice paper coffee cups with lids, and extra pods for more coffee.

This is the final product. I made my first drink. It was absolutely wonderful. The temperature was perfect and the milk was the proper amount with just the right foam on top.

I can't wait until my party so I can brew up a bunch of yummy lattes and americanos. I have been reviewing the recipes they sent with the machine so I will be heading out to buy some caramel and vanilla syrups to jazz up the drinks.

As a lover of this machine I have the opportunity to give you the chance to get 40% off your purchase. You have until 5/24/14 to use the code FNRYHWQ to receive the discount. Just head to www.keurig.com and start shopping! Thanks House Party for making this all happen!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Viva Vantage

I recently received the new Viva paper towels to try courtesy of Crowdtap. I usually buy the cheaper paper towels that cause you to use three or four before the mess is actually cleaned up. I am loving these new Viva paper towels. I spilled some coffee on the counter in two places to test out the towels I currently have and the Viva.
From what you can see, the Mardi Gras paper towel soaked through and kept spreading. The Viva towel stopped it and kept it pretty contained in one spot. I actually ended up using the Viva towel to clean both messes. As a mom to two teenagers, I am excited about the ability of these paper towels. I always have something to clean up somewhere.

I received samples to share and try for myself and all of the opinions stated herein are solely mine.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Children's Mucinex® Multi-Symptom Cold

Children's Mucinex® Multi-Symptom Cold. Everyone is fighting a cold it seems. The weather changes have been crazy, 68 one day, 82 the next. It seems to keep the germs handy, especially in the school I work at. Kids just keep passing it back and forth.

I received a free sample of Children's Mucinex Multi Symptom Cold from Smiley360. Thankfully I had it when the boys decided to get sick. It helped a lot with the runny nose and congestion. It seemed to make their night breathing a little easier too.

I would definitely suggest getting some for your kids when a nasty cold hits.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Suave VoxBox

Being a member of Influenster, I receive great products to try and use. This time around I was excited to receive some Suave products. Being a woman doesn't mean I like to sit in front of the mirror and primp. I am absolutely the opposite. The faster the hair and make up, the happier I am.

Now that the weather has cooled off I don't have to wash my hair every day. But sometimes I notice that I do have an "outdoor" scent from my daily walks. Thanks to the effectiveness of Suave's Keratin Dry Shampoo, I don't have to wash my hair. I have tried other dry shampoos, but this by far is the best. I love the clean scent that refreshes my hair. It isn't so strong that I smell it the rest of the day and it makes my hair look less oily.

I also received the Suave Styling Paste. My husband is more of a gel guy. I myself tried it. I have these little flyaways on the side that never seem to stay down. I used a little on rubbed it on the hair and it stayed down the whole day. It isn't really manly scented so no one noticed that I had even used it.

I helped my kids use the Suave Kids Styling Gel. They have what we call "duck butts." That is where the corner of the head has hair that sticks out like, well, duck butts. After learning the process to use gel they were amazed at how well it held their hair down.

I am loving the quality products from Suave and look forward to purchasing them in the future. Influenster sent me these awesome products to try.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Turkey in the Crockpot

For most people, this time of the year conjures an awesome feast filled with turkey. I have a problem with that though. I don't like turkey. It's okay. You can be upset. My husband is. He only gets turkey once a year, and Thanksgiving is it.

I went to my mother-in-law's over the past weekend. She did something amazing with a turkey. She cooked it in her crockpot. Who knew? I was just sure that I would still despise that giant bird that tasted like bird. Turkey always seems to be a little gamey for me.

So I sat down to dinner, and as a gracious dinner guest, I put the turkey on my plate. I had already verbalized my dislike for this meat, but wanted to give this recipe a chance. It was, yes, get ready, delicious. There was no "birdy" taste in my mouth at all. The turkey was juicy and full of flavor, just not bird.

In order for me to have this recipe in a place that I would forever have it accessible, I decided to post it here. Thankfully, anyone else is welcome to try it. I am telling you it is great. Your kitchen doesn't get hot, you don't have to open the oven every 30 minutes to baste it, and it taste great!

Here ya go!

1 turkey breast
15-oz. can whole berry cranberry sauce
1 envelope dry onion soup mix
½ cup orange juice ( I added a little extra because the breast was so large)
½ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. pepper

1.Place the turkey in the slow cooker
2. Combine remaining ingredients. Pour over turkey
3. Cover, cook for 6-8 hours (I believe it was on low for this amount of time, but check your manual for proper internal temperature at doneness).

I will forever be grateful for a turkey dinner that isn't reminiscent of a turkey. Now that I have this recipe I may make it twice year, lol.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Retreat for the Body Giveaway

So, I have had plenty of time to enjoy my luscious lotions and lip balm. I can absolutely say I love the scents and the way my skin feels after using the lotion. I use it on my feet in the evening and they are so soft! These are homemade by Lori Freese in her own kitchen. Nothing says love like homemade.

Now that I can definitely say this stuff is worth it, I want to share with my friends! We had our first cold front come through down here. Yes, don't laugh, Florida does get cold fronts. It will be a high of 78 degrees tomorrow. That is extreme when you are used to the upper 90's every day.

To stave off that dry winter skin and smell wonderful, I am giving you the chance to try Retreat for the Body for yourself. Please visit her site and check out the awesome scents she has. Come back here and leave a comment about which scent you would choose if you could have one. That's it! I will pick a winner on November 19, 2013. Good luck, and here's to smelling and feeling delicious!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Always Need A Retreat for the Body

Now that winter is coming, I have noticed my skin is becoming a little more dry. I have tried dozens of different lotions and potions to try to come up with a way to help keep my skin moisturized. It just seems that all they do is make me greasy. I have several that I love the scents, but the greasy after glow is just not for me.

Recently I tried something new. It is called Retreat For The Body. I am totally loving it! She has four wonderful scents. I have tried two of them which I absolutely like.

The lavender, vanilla and patchouli is a warmer scent with a touch of spice. The vanilla and peppermint is reminiscent of a vanilla cookie and a peppermint stick all mixed up together. It smelled so good I almost wanted to lick it out of the container. She also has vanilla, patchouli and citrus scent as well as vanilla peppermint and orange. If you check out her site you will also see she has lip balms she makes herself.

All of her goodies are made from natural ingredients and are paraben free. The lotions leave your skin feeling so soft and you smell wonderful! I know I see some upcoming holiday stocking stuffers for some of my friends this year!